# Decision Management Awareness & Efficiency #

You may be joining the project with things already underway, or you may be lucky enough to be involved in the very early stages or even the very project inception. In whichever case, make sure you understand exactly what is said to be the scope and what that means in terms of a finished product or service. Be very curious and ask the relevant people. Never be afraid to question and admit that you don’t have all the information. Make it your mission to know the full scope.

You must keep a close on what is happening and measure this against what should be – or has planned to be – happening. Always keeping an eye on progress means that you will catch issues and big problems quicker. Regular checking also helps plan for when the project will be delivered – early, late, or on time as planned.

What is the checklist for?

Use the checklist to check-in regularly that you are being as vigilant, aware, and proactive as you need to be

Project is In-Flight (happening)

Your understanding of the project Describe the project scope to yourself. Get approval on this from your project team. Identify any and all gaps in understanding. Be sure why there are gaps in understanding, and make plans to fill these gaps?

Who needs to give the approvals? Are they being kept in the loop? Do they know the status of the project?

What has happened already? - What has been approved so far? What has happened thus far? Make sure you know the history and issues.

What is the status reporting agreement? What do you need to report on and how often? How do you escalate issues and to whom?

Inter-Dependencies Draw a map of all the inter-dependencies that your project will rely on (3rd-party suppliers, resources, client assets and information etc). Find out all of them and any risks and issues around them.

What is the status reporting agreement? What do you need to report on and how often? How do you escalate issues and to whom?

Innovation Awareness - Product Management

How is the product/business performing? Do I know the relevant metrics that reveal how we are doing? How do we track success or failure?

How is the competition performing?What is happening in our sector, our marketplace? Is the competition growing, doing anything new?

How do we intend to grow/improve? Where would we start to improve (such as increase revenues, users)? How can we best dedicate resources to innovation and analysis of client/customer need?

New Ideas. Are we generating any? How do we best go about this?

Operations: How efficient is our team/business? Are we working effectively? Are we utilising practices that can help us do better?