Tempo Tracker is a tool created by the team behind the Gorilla Theory project delivery framework.

The main goal of Gorilla Theory is to make project management a more accessible skill and to make people better at project management.

We created the Tempo Tracker tool as a way to bring greater clarity to a very important part of the project and task management process - DECISIONS. Decisions drive a project and give (or stop) momentum.

The Tempo Tracker team are project management geeks and we have taken on board our own experiences (knee-deep in projects we have managed or been a part of, or just observed from afar) to create an online tool gets straight to the point: - What decisions need to be made, and by who - What decisions are late, and what are the consequences

This focus on decisions is based on the Gorilla Theory principals of enhanced discipline and enhanced communications. We found that collaboration tools (in the dynamic of project team and project stakeholders/client) rarely bring about effective collaboration. Tempo Tracker is Software-as-a-Service and so is platform and process agnostic - the project or task manager can effectively log and rack all decisions they are concerned about, and the decision makers can be alerted to the decisions that are dependent on their input or approval (as well as knowing the consequences of a late decision or no decision).

We hope you find Tempo Tracker as helpful as we think it is. Feel free to send us your comments or case studies via our Feedback form.