Decisions are the oxygen of a project. Without them, a project cannot move forward, and the goals and missions can die. Dramatic? Sure, but think to yourself about personal projects you undertake - like organising a party - and think of the decisions that have to be made. Transfer the bundle of decisions that need to be made to the workplace and corporate projects (for established businesses to start-ups and one-man-bands); decisions drive forward every project and ultimately ensure the growth of a business.

Decisions can be big and small; very serious, and seemingly not so serious. The common factor is that the decision MUST be made.

Decision flow directly impacts a project's momentum, and creating an environment where sound decisions are made quickly helps keep a good tempo, and gives a project a better chance of delivering on time.

Tempo Tracker focuses on decisions and their importance in the fabric of a project. It's NOT just another tool for managing projects or communications and collaboration. The sole purpose of Tempo Tracker is to track DECISIONS. It is a cloud based solution, so you can keep track anywhere you can access the Internet.