What is Tempo Tracker?

Tempo Tracker is a cloud-based logging and alert system that allows a user to track decisions that arise in a task or project. The decisions that are logged in the system can also be brought to the attention of the people who are the decision makers. This way, Tempo Trackers brings greater accountability and communications to the decision making process. The tool allows the account holder to create reports on: - Pending decisions - Late decisions - Projects (and what decisions are attached to a particular project) The Tempo Tracker tool was created as a way to bring greater clarity to a very important part of the project and task management process - DECISIONS. Decisions drive a project and give (or stop) momentum.

Who is Tempo Tracker For?

Tempo Tracker is for anyone involved in a project or wants to manage tasks better. Tasks, projects, management, sales, organising events - they all depend on DECISIONS for progress. Getting things done needs decisions to be made and Tempo Tracker is here to help.

Tempo Tracker allows you to clearly note and track all decisions that you are depending on being made for whatever your project or task is. It helps when you can have a clear list of decisions and what the importance of the decisions are, and the consequence of the decision being late or not being made at all. Simple accountability audit trail.

You can be in business or in school, a housewife or a professional project manager. There is no barrier for profession or sector or stage in life.

Can I upgrade My Account from Basic or Pro?

Yes. If you have started with a 'Basic' account to try out Tempo Tracker, you can upgrade to a 'Pro' or 'Enterprise' account whenever you want. Simply click on the 'Upgrade' link when you see one. You will retain your account details, but be able to track many more decisions (and create a group of decision trackers if you have the 'Enterprise' account).

How secure is Tempo Tracker? Should I Use it for Confidential/High-Profile Decisions?

You can use Tempo Tracker to track any decisions you need to. The decision details are purposefully limited. Brevity is important so that the details present are to the point. Users can include as much or as little information as is necessary for them or for their decision maker. We are working on an upgrade to the Enterprise account whereby there is additional encryption on Decision data. We believe in security and data protection and make every effort to keep the system secure. The Tempo Tracker system is protected by secure certification and anti-hacking measures that reduce the likelihood of external data breach.

How will it benefit me?

Tempo Tracker makes tracking and communicating information on decisions easy. It is not software that you need to learn to use. You simply enter project or task decisions that need to be tracked and then you can check as you need to or run reports of project decisions. Tempo Tracker will help you stay aware of how your project is progressing and where potential problems can arise from late decisions. The earlier you see the warning signs, the better! You can also email decision makers direct with a decision request that outlines what decision is required and the consequences.

What Is Gorilla Theory?

Gorilla Theory is a project delivery framework that focuses on the people dynamics and the individual's awareness and involvement in a project. It is a management and awareness layer than can sit on top of (and boost) an existing project delivery process, or can be used on it's own to keep things on track. The key principles of Gorilla Theory are:

  • Enhanced Awareness
  • Enhanced Communications
  • Enhanced Vigilance
  • Enhanced People Skills
  • Enhanced Discipline

The core Gorilla Theory tool is the checklist - bespoke to the person's particular needs or project. Find out more about Gorilla Theory @ www.gorillatheory.com