Getting things done and managing projects creates decisions. The Gorilla Theory framework helps you to visualise your workload so you can stay on top of progress, avoid problems, and know when you need help.

Baby Gorilla Projects

The Baby Gorilla project is a small task or project. Make sure you are very vigilant so that the task is taken care of and doesn’t develop problems.

A Troop of Gorillas

A Troop of Gorillas project scenario occurs when you are juggling several tasks at the same time. The difficulty is giving each task enough attention so none of them fail or cause problems. It’s tough! When you have a Troop of Gorillas you must have an action plan to make sure you are aware of what is going on with each task, its status, and any problems.

You will have to be more organised. Don’t be shy in getting a helping hand. Tailor checklists for each task or small project.


A Silverback project is characterised by a combination of or ALL of: being complex in terms of scope, having a very high-profile and a high budget, and having several small projects and project groups dependent on one another.

How to Spot One?

ALL large, complicated projects are Silverbacks by default! Start with this mindset and you will be primed to pick up the pieces and troubleshoot as soon as you join the project.

For more information on how to better visualise your workload and be better prepared to manage your tasks and projects, visit the Gorilla Theory website.